Friday, August 3, 2012

Harts Pub, The Rocks

176 Cumberland Street, The Rocks, Sydney
Reviewers present: Burger Bot, Joe Blogs, and special guest Danny Sammovich
Time of day: Lunch

(Ye old rating: 4 rubber chickens drinking craft beers)


Sydney Pub List 'Express Review' today for the Harts Pub, tucked away in a quiet corner of The Rocks.

The facts:

The Venue
Harts Pub wont scream out "PUB" at you when you walk by it, which is good for keeping the jerks away. The interior of the hotel is sectioned off into several areas - one near the bar, a room off to the side set aside for dining, a second dining area upstairs and an outdoor courtyard upstairs out the back. We also like the lounge-room style room tucked away just off the bar area, which is good for grabbing a seat on the old leather lounges by the fireplace (even if it is a faux fire) and enjoying your beer in a bit more of a private area.

The Beers
You wont find Carlton Draught here and that's a good thing for a pub like this. It's all about their staple Rocks Brewing Co beers and ever-changing craft beer selection.

A schooner of their delicious brews will set you back somewhere between $7 and $8. Beers also come in pint size, BONUS!

The Food
The menu looks great on paper and from what we sampled, great in the gob. You will pay a bit more for a burger here but it's for a reason. Great burgers. We found the wait time a little longer than some pubs also, but we didn't mind as it gave us more time to drink our beers and talk about the 1978 game of Rugby that was displaying on the television near by. The wait time also made it feel like they burgers were made all freshy-freshy. The wait was definitely worth it.

The Friendship Burger - 200g wagu beef patty, red jack cheddar cheese, tomato "ketchup" in toasted traditional sesamee seed bun.

The Charlotte (stuffed burger) - 300g beef patty stuffed with southern style pulled pork in a toasted damper bun with bacon, lettuce, tomato, a crunchy onion ring and home made bbq sauce.

A burger will cost you from $16.50 for the cheese burger style "Friendship" up to $22 for a specialty "stuffed" burger like the "Charlotte", and all burgers come with a scrumptious serving of chippies. 

Harts Pub - we like it and hope you do too. A pub for the beer connoisseur. 4 rubber chickens!

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  1. Good read, can’t wait to see more.

    Does Bo7MTT (albeit neither a pub, nor a nightclub… or questionably even a restaurant) qualify a mention? Or will the blatant mockery of the place kill off all credibility of this site? Burger Bot would certainly have a few choice words about the chicken. Though, 1 would think he’d recommend it over a Hep B laced salad.

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